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Our Mission

At StretchTek, we strive to dismantle the barriers that are standing between you and optimal health. We do this by providing a premium one-on-one stretch therapy experience that is mobile and on-demand.  


Our StretchTeknicians come to you and provide a unique stretch therapy experience designed to reduce tension in the muscles, increase mobility in the joints, and leave you feeling your best.




Feel Long & Lean



What We Do

StretchTek provides a premium one-on-one stretch therapy experience that is mobile and on-demand.  Our StretchTeknicians come to your location and provide a unique stretch therapy experience designed to reduce muscle tension, increase mobility, and leave you feeling your best.


We are available for workplace wellness programs, private events and film and television on-set therapy.  


Partnering with StretchTek in the workplace will improve employee morale by demonstrating management's concern and appreciation for their valued service and dedication.

What We Do

Stretch by StretchTek

Stretch by StretchTek has been specifically engineered by Dr. Gordon to deliver a premium and consistent stretch therapy experience. Employing a specific series of dynamic movements, Stretch by StretchTek will increase mobility and range of motion, activate tired muscles, and mobilize the joints and fascia. It can also increase circulation and lymphatic drainage, reduce stress, increase energy, and facilitate an elevated sense of well being. Every one of our StretchTeknicians is certified and undergoes rigorous training and regular re-certification seminars. Every time you get stretched by one of our  StretchTeknicians you can be sure you are getting a premium, consistent, and safe experience.

Our Teknique

Meet Our Founder

Dr. Brian Gordon DC LAc

Dr. Brian Gordon is both a Doctor of Chiropractic and a Licensed Acupuncturist. He has been the acting director of the Active Care Spine Center in Los Angeles since 2005, a multidisciplinary clinic specializing in the treatment of pain. Throughout his career he has worked with professional, Olympic, and college level athletes, professional dancers, and musicians.


Dr. Gordon has always understood the value of stretching and flexibility and has educated every one of his patients in the performance of good stretching technique. What Dr. Gordon realized early on was that patients are more comfortable getting stretched by a professional rather than do it themselves. This understanding was the genesis of StretchTek, the first and only mobile and on-demand stretch therapy system where we bring the stretch to you.

Meet Our Founder
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